About Three Rivers Ranch

Aerial view of Three Rivers Ranch

Three Rivers Ranch and 3 Rivers Ranch (the Estates) constitute the western tip of one of the largest “Urban Islands” in the country, spanning from the divergence of the North and South Channels of the Boise River to its confluence on the western edge of the property. Eagle Island is 6 miles long and averages almost 1 mile wide: The Boise River surrounds it and courses through it.

The unique 3 Rivers Ranch is a complete ecosystem including magnificent riparian habitats and world class fishing. Wildlife includes Turkey, Deer, Eagles, Mink, Otters, Herons and Swans.

Concerning Island Creek, Ron and Trout Unlimited cosponsored the restoration of the entire length of Island Creek as it courses through the ranch. A series of meandering riffles & pools were designed into the creek for the benefit of many varieties of fish including Rainbow Trout, which congregate at the tails of the riffles to feed on insect larvae caught in the creek flow.