Introducing 3 Rivers Ranch

3 Rivers Ranch Estates in Eagle, Idaho

3 Rivers Ranch: A four-Estate residential refuge that tests the ability of written language to express natural beauty. 3 Rivers Ranch (with a “3”) is the southernmost retreat of Three Rivers Ranch (“Three” spelled out), benefitting from the greater Three Rivers Ranch conservation easement, seclusion, and sophisticated environmental development.

Each of the four Estates that comprise 3 Rivers Ranch is located on the north shore of 3 Rivers Lake and graced with their own private sand beach. The Estates will be served by private wells, natural gas, underground power, pressurized irrigation, and gated private entries. Each is its own private sanctuary, with seclusion afforded by location and landscaping.

Thanks to the 3 Rivers Ranch Conservation Easement no further development of the ranch (in perpetuity) or of the 3 Rivers Ranch element will occur, securing your solitude and security. 3 Rivers Ranch is effectively a complete ecosystem—your closest neighbors will include Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Mink, Beaver, Deer, Osprey, and Swans. 9 Signets were hatched and reared at the ranch in 2010.

Residents of 3 Rivers Ranch have access to Eagle and Meridian Schools—among the most desirable in the state. The words “refuge” and “resort” are not at all misplaced in describing the breathtaking 3 Rivers Ranch.

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