Three Rivers History

Three Rivers Ranch records date back to 1872 (when Idaho was still a territory), though the working ranch lands obviously predate the records. In August, 1872 Clark R. Hall purchased 86.95 acres from the US Government for an undisclosed amount.

In March, 1875 that acreage was sold to Edward Hart & Edwin Davis for $200: to this day the irrigation ditching which serves the entire western portion of Eagle Island is the Hart-Davis Irrigation Company.

By a February, 1806 sale the contiguous ranch property had expanded to almost 530 acres and sold for $1000.

In November, 1929 John & Mary Rader (Mary is described in the documentation of the sale as “insane”) sold much of the property to “an unmarried man,” Eugene C. Irminger for $12,000. Mr. Irminger held the property for almost 40 years before selling it in 1968 to Wayne & Eileen Baldwin for $10 and “other considerations.”

In December, 1989 RGR Investments sold a 60.60 acre portion of the existing Ranch (that portion comprises the four Estates) to Ron Sali Properties, Inc., and in February of 1990 they sold the remainder of the existing Ranch Complex (172.95 acres) to Ron Sali as an individual for his residence.

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